OmniOS Community Edition weekly releases for w/c 7th of January 2019 are now available. These are reboot updates for r151028 only.

In all releases:

The following information relates to release r151028 only

Updates (r151028 only)

  • Fix for ZFS performance degredation with some pools due frequent metaslab unload and re-load - OS-7151

  • bhyve updates including disk performance improvements.

  • Performance improvement in zone resource tracking on machines with many CPUs - illumos 9936

Fixes (r151028 only)

  • Workarounds for some hard disks and SSDs with buggy firmware relating to power conditions.

  • LX: fix to openat() in order to support newer systemd - see #331

  • bhyve/kvm brands did not support more than one disk when configured via zonecfg

Features (r151028 only)

  • Added library/security/openssl/preview to allow installation and testing of OpenSSL 1.1.1 - see blog post

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