OmniOS Community Edition weekly releases for w/c 19th of November 2018 are now available. These are non-reboot updates.

In all releases:

  • openssl has been updated to the latest release (1.0.2q in all and 1.1.0j in r151028), fixing two low severity CVEs.
  • openjdk has been updated to 1.7.0_201-b00

In r151026 and r151028, pkg has been updated to fix a problem that could occur when removing a package if auto-be-naming is enabled.

r151028 has also received an update to the openssh package to work around a bug in VMware that could cause SSH traffic to be dropped, and a small update to system/header to add a file that was missing.

This week also sees a backport to screen in r151022 so that it is built against the more extensive ncurses library, enabling support for more terminal types.

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