OmniOSce Downloads

Even-numbered releases of OmniOSce are stable and odd-numbered releases are unstable (bloody). See stable vs. bloody for more information on the difference between them.

Refer to the release schedule page for details regarding the following versions and end-of-support dates.

We also provide public Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) for some regions.

All OmniOS releases are for the x86-64 architecture only.

Please refer to the installation walk-through for more information on how to install a fresh system.

Current Stable Release

Stable releases come out approximately every six months and are supported for a year after release.

The current stable release is r151024 and was released on the 6th of November, 2017:

cloud_download omniosce-r151024l.iso ISO (SHA256)
cloud_download omniosce-r151024l.usb-dd USB (SHA256)
cloud_download omniosce-r151024l.zfs.bz2 PXE (SHA256)
cloud_download Other stable downloads    

Long-term support (LTS) Release

Every fourth stable release is a long-term support (LTS) release. LTS releases are supported for three years.

The current LTS release is r151022 and was released on the 12th of May, 2017:

cloud_download omniosce-r151022s.iso ISO (SHA256)
cloud_download omniosce-r151022s.usb-dd USB (SHA256)
cloud_download omniosce-r151022s.zfs.bz2 PXE (SHA256)
cloud_download Other LTS downloads    


Bloody media is built on an ad-hoc basis and is not supported.

cloud_download omniosce-bloody-20180330.iso ISO (SHA256)
cloud_download omniosce-bloody-20180330.usb-dd USB (SHA256)
cloud_download omniosce-bloody-20180330.zfs.bz2 PXE (SHA256)
cloud_download Other bloody downloads