Switching to OmniOSce

To transition an existing system that is running OmniOS r151022 to the OmniOS Community Edition, install the OmniOSce CA certificate, change the pkg publisher, and run pkg update, as follows.

Get a copy of the OmniOSce CA certificate.

# wget -P /etc/ssl/pkg \

Check the certificate fingerprint.

# openssl x509 -fingerprint -in /etc/ssl/pkg/omniosce-ca.cert.pem -noout

The fingerprint should match this:


Change the publisher to the OmniOSce repo

# pkg set-publisher -P -G '*' -g https://pkg.omniosce.org/r151022/core/ omnios

If you have zones, change the publisher of each native zone. To get a list of all your zones, run zoneadm list -cv. For each <zone_root>, add the zone’s /root to the PATH given in the list.

# pkg -R <zone_root> set-publisher -P -G '*' -g https://pkg.omniosce.org/r151022/core/ omnios

Install the OmniOSce CA certificate.

# pkg update -rv web/ca-bundle

The downloaded OmniOSce CA certificate can be removed after it is installed.

# rm /etc/ssl/pkg/omniosce-ca.cert.pem

Finally, update as usual.

# pkg update -rv