Cutting a Release

Every 6 months, a new OmniOS stable release is made. Since it is not a frequent occurence, this page records the required tasks.

Update data

Before a release, the following data within illumos-omnios should be updated:

  • tzdata
  • PCI IDs

Ideally these should be upstreamed to illumos-gate too.

Create repositories

Create the new package repositories on the OOCE package server using the create_release script.

ooce# /pkg/create_release r151028
Creating release r151028 (28)
  core (omnios/core) @ 10028
  extra (extra.omnios/supplemental) @ 10228
  staging (omnios/core) @ 10128


Check pkg/server status

ooce# svcs '*/pkg/server:r151028*'
STATE          STIME    FMRI
online         12:55:22 svc:/application/pkg/server:r151028_core
online         12:55:24 svc:/application/pkg/server:r151028_extra
online         12:55:27 svc:/application/pkg/server:r151028_staging


Test the configuration and, if everything is ok, reload.

ooce# /opt/ooce/nginx-*/sbin/nginx -t
nginx: the configuration file /etc/opt/ooce/nginx/nginx.conf syntax is ok
nginx: configuration file /etc/opt/ooce/nginx/nginx.conf test is successful
ooce# /opt/ooce/nginx-*/sbin/nginx -s reload

Test web browsing to the release, for example -

Create branches

For each of the following repositories, create a branch for the new release - r1510nn - and create a PR to update the indicated files. Set up branch protection in github using the previous branch as a template


  • usr/src/tools/env/
  • usr/src/tools/env/


No files to update in this repository; just create the new branch.


No files to update in this repository; just create the new branch.


  • lib/ - RELVER
  • tools/test - remove check against doc/packages
  • doc/ - remove


No files to update in this repository; just create the new branch.


  • build/build_miniroot - change bloody to r1510nn
  • build/build_zfs_send - change bloody to r1510nn

Update Master Branches


  • usr/src/tools/env/ - ONNV_BUILDNUM


  • lib/


  • lib/

Release Testing Checklist


  • Upgrade from LTS
  • Upgrade from previous stable

  • ISO installation
  • USB installation
  • PXE installation via pxegrub
  • PXE installation via loader


Updates Upon Release (website)

  • _config.yml