OmniOS Installation in the Amazon Cloud

OmniOS is provided as a public Amazon Machine Image (AMI) within some regions in the Amazon Cloud; you can have a virtual OmniOS server up and running within a couple of minutes. The image is small so can be run within the free tier - a t2.micro instance is perfect for experimentation.

Region(s) AMI ID AMI Name
EU (Frankfurt) ami-cc56d7a3 OmniOSce r151024 stable 20171113

If you wish to run an image in a different region then please get in touch and we will make it (and future releases) available there. Alternatively, you can copy the image to a private AMI within another region yourself via the EC2 dashboard and launch it from there.

Launching an instance

To launch an instance, visit the EC2 dashboard, select the correct region from the drop-down menu at the top right and then click on Launch Instance

EC2 Dashboard

On the next screen, select Community AMIs on the left-hand-side and then search for OmniOS to find the AMI.


Please check the AMI ID against the table above to ensure you’re choosing one of our official images.

Support Us

Support Us

OmniOS Community Edition has no major company behind it, just a small team of people who spend their precious spare time keeping it up-to-date. If you rely on OmniOS for fun or business, and you want to help secure its future, you can contribute by becoming an OmniOS patron.